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Advanced technology introduction support

In recent years, while efforts to transform companies using cutting-edge technology are booming, the reality is that there are not many projects that achieve their goals due to lack of knowledge, experience, and means.

Covalent utilizes a wide range of technical knowledge, a track record of numerous demonstration experiments and implementation support, and connections with startups around the world with excellent technology,​We will speedily realize business transformation using advanced technology.

If you want to understand the details of the service such as the output image, please request detailed materials from the following.



  • ​ Interested in a specific technology, but don't have the development resources to do a PoC

  • I want to find a partner who will cooperate with the PoC, but the research is taking up too much time and the activity is not moving forward.

  • I want a solution that fits my verification purpose, not an existing product/service

  • ​I don't know how to set an appropriate PoC theme and how to proceed

  • I don't know the correct evaluation method for PoC results​

Concerns when testing/evaluating advanced technology

Concerns about full-scale introduction of advanced technology

  • Based on the PoC, I don't know what to do next

  • We found that additional technical development was necessary, but we could not find a suitable development partner.

  • Unable to set an appropriate evaluation axis when considering introduction

  • I can't draw an introduction plan that can move the company

  • ​Introduction and development of advanced technology


service menu

Advanced technology introduction consulting

In order to solve problems and evolve at development sites, manufacturing sites, and construction sites through the introduction of new technologies, we search and identify necessary technologies, select technology development partners, and identify and evaluate technology introduction options. We will materialize and support activities aimed at

PoC design promotion consulting

Positioning PoC of new technology as part of the new technology introduction process, we support the design and execution of verification items, KPIs, and action plans for verification necessary to lead to introduction at the customer's site.


Advanced technology menu

​Image processing AI


​3D printer


cyber security



Advanced technology introduction consulting



Discovery and organization of on-site technology needs

About 1 month~

Through interviews with the person in charge of development, manufacturing, construction, and management of the customer, we will clarify the awareness of issues, future vision, and technical needs for realizing the future vision. In addition, it is also possible for us to present technical themes that should be caught up through benchmark surveys of competitors.
We will evaluate the urgency of realization and the impact at the time of realization for the technical needs raised, and set the priority for actually considering introduction.

Output: List of technical needs
We summarize the customer's technical needs, the degree of urgency for realization, and the order of priority for consideration of introduction through the impact evaluation at the time of realization in Excel.


Discovery and selection of candidate technologies for introduction

about 3 months

We will identify players with technology that matches the technology theme from overseas technology startups and academic research institutes. At this stage, we investigate the specifications, performance, and performance of each player's technology, focusing on public information, evaluate the maturity of the technology and the degree of matching with the customer's technical needs, and determine the technology to implement the next technology DD. Select. Even in regions where it is difficult to obtain information, such as in European countries such as China and Northern Europe, we use our network to identify relevant startups.

・Long list
Detailed information on surveyed technology-owning players can be summarized in Excel, and survey results can be listed and compared by survey item.
・Short list
We evaluate each company based on the degree of maturity of the technology and the degree of matching with the customer's technology needs, and extract players with promising technology.


Refinement of technology selection and introduction options through technology DD

about 3 months

For the selected technology, after an in-depth investigation centered on interviews with players who have the technology and evaluation of the actual product, we will determine the degree of satisfaction of the requirements for on-site introduction, problem solving, and realization of the future image, and the difficulty of introduction and operation. We will evaluate the speed, lead time, and cost, and select the technology to be introduced.
In addition, regarding the installation options for the selected technology, it is possible to select the most suitable one for the customer's situation from various forms, such as purchase/lease of existing products, joint development/partner acquisition with players who have the technology.

Output: Technical DD report
We design verification items in anticipation of on-site introduction by customers and creation of desired effects, and organize the verification results. Based on the DD results, we propose the optimal introduction options such as purchasing and joint research.


(As appropriate) In-house decision-making support for promoting the introduction and consideration of advanced technologies

about 1 month

If it is necessary to obtain approval due to an internal request for approval, etc., when introducing or considering cutting-edge technology, we can also support discussions on explanation methods for obtaining approval and acquisition of necessary information.

*The support period varies depending on the scope of interviews within the customer's company when discovering and organizing on-site technology needs, the number of technology themes, the number of players surveyed, the difficulty of introducing technology, etc. when discovering and selecting candidate technologies for introduction.

PoC design promotion consulting


Arrangement of PoC goals

about 1 month

Based on our experience in exchanging opinions with customers and our experience in supporting technology introduction and partnerships with startups, we have learned the necessary PoC results and deadlines for customers to decide whether to introduce them on-site, and to identify future technical issues. Identify and organize the verification items necessary for
At this time, we consider the degree of technology maturity and distinguish between items that can be verified at the time of PoC and items that should wait for future technological maturity to determine the results of PoC that can be realistically targeted.


Arrangement of PoC KPIs and action items

About 1 month~

By breaking down the KPIs, target values, and calculation methods necessary to measure the degree of achievement of the PoC goals, and identifying the indicators necessary for calculation, we can determine the actions required to measure the indicators and achieve the target values. Clarify the challenges that need to be overcome for After understanding the mechanism of the technology and the site operations of the installation site, we design the items to be verified in PoC in detail and reflect them in the action items.

Output: List of goals and KPIs
Organize the KPIs necessary to achieve the PoC goal, and the actions in the PoC based on the target values and calculation methods in Excel.


Formulation of PoC execution plan

​About 1 month~

We will compile the tasks and schedule for executing each action item when aiming to make a decision on full-scale introduction by a set deadline. If necessary, we can also support internal approval procedures for PoC budget acquisition and progress management after PoC starts.

Output: PoC execution plan
Clarify tasks and schedules for efficient use of PoC opportunities to achieve goals and KPIs, and organize them in Excel.

*The support period will vary depending on the number of technical themes, number of products, and difficulty of introduction, etc. for PoC.



Based on the customer's business and business conditions, we can design the evaluation axis of advanced technology.

Even if the information is incomplete, it will lead to decision-making to move forward with consideration of technology introduction.

We can conduct surveys from useful information sources built from our experience and our own network.

We understand the mechanism of the technology and can design in detail the items to be verified at the time of on-site introduction by the customer.

Even if the results are not sufficiently appealing at the time of PoC, it can be sublimated into a plan for future on-site introduction.



Technology introduction plan

We select the necessary advanced technology based on the customer's on-site needs and issues, and design a detailed plan up to its introduction.

​Smooth technology introduction by covering points that management is concerned about, such as when it will be introduced, what the issues and impact will be at that time, and the investment and system for that connect to.

Technical details explanation material

By compiling an overview of the technology, current development phases/issues, research case studies, etc. into PPT materials for each type of technology, it can be used for technical explanations and discussions within the customer regarding the pros and cons of introducing the technology.

Technical usage guidelines

One of the challenges when introducing advanced technology into the field is often the difference in understanding between the person in charge of selection/introduction and the field user.

In ​Covalent, in order to support customers who are having difficulty in introducing it in such a situation, we have prepared documents that define usage methods and points to note in detail, and we have prepared documents until the actual operation is established. We will also support you.




Types of advanced technology handled Approx.30

Percentage of support until introduction Approx.83.3%

Percentage of introduction of advanced overseas technology100%

Number of client industries13Industry

Percentage of clients with multiple contracts Approx.94.7%

Average promotion period approx.9.5for a month








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customer's voice

Major construction company

Accurate selection of cutting-edge technology

Thanks to your understanding of our field work and what we are making, and the search for startups with technology that fits them, we have been able to introduce new technology. We also requested detailed information such as performance figures and necessary measures during on-site operation.

Major auto parts supplier

Request for future advanced technology analysis

When I started joint research on new technology with an overseas startup, I was at a loss as to where to start with a mountain of internal expectations, concerns, and technical issues. As a result of the support from Covalent, we were able to determine what we could do with technology now and in the future, and then suggested that we start by verifying what we could do now.


Related services

Advanced technology research

We search and pursue advanced technologies that lead to the growth of our customers' businesses. We organize the information necessary for decision-making based on customer needs.

Overseas market trend research

For customers who are considering entering overseas markets, we help them understand market trends in detail and organize the information they need to make decisions about whether to proceed with entry.

​Investment/acquisition/partnership support

We will continue to support you until your requests are realized, such as cross-border and advanced technology-related, in which our company excels.


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