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Support for IPO and improvement of corporate value

When preparing for a stock listing (IPO) or improving corporate value, it is essential to formulate an attractive business plan and steadily promote it. Furthermore, in recent years, the elements of technology and DX have been highly evaluated by investors and are becoming essential themes for business plans.At Covalent, we work with audit firms and securities companies to incorporate technology elements into business plans and support their you want to understand the details of the service such as the output image, please request detailed materials from the following.



If you have any of these problems

  • Difficulties in creating a business plan or incorporating technical elements into a business plan

  • It is difficult to select technology that fits your company's business situation

  • Business plan promotion and technology exploration cannot be implemented as planned


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We will incorporate elements such as the introduction of advanced technology and new businesses with startups into the business plan, and design and formulate a business plan that is appealing to investors. We also support the promotion of business plans.

Support for IPO and improvement of corporate value



Support for IPO and improvement of corporate value


Close examination of the business situation

2-3 weeks

We will listen to the current business plan and vision of the management team, and discuss the direction of reorganization.


Business plan formulation support

About February ~

Based on the direction discussed in ①, we will coordinate, discuss, and update the business plan that incorporates the technology and DX roadmap organized by Covalent several times.


Plan promotion support

Several months~

We closely support the finalized business plan, especially the promotion of the technology part (e.g., technology exploration, introduction consideration, new business design, etc.).



Based on our VC investment experience, we will advise and support how to incorporate technology from the management team's big vision and how to incorporate technology into a realistic and highly specific plan. In particular, we have a lot of knowledge about business planning, including cutting-edge technology and overseas business.

Formulation of business plans based on past investment experience

Steady activities are essential in order for investors to understand that we are steadily promoting an attractive business plan. Covalent makes full use of its own knowledge and domestic and international networks to closely support technology exploration, introduction consideration, new business design, etc.

Consistent support until the plan is executed


Related services

Advanced technology research

We search and pursue advanced technologies that lead to the growth of our customers' businesses. We organize the information necessary for decision-making based on customer needs.

Overseas startup research

We will analyze the strengths of overseas startup strategies, technologies, and business models that will serve as a reference for your business growth, and organize future actions.

​ Advanced technology introduction support

We select cutting-edge technology that meets the needs of the customer's business, and follow up until MVP development and on-site introduction are achieved.


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