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Covalent combines technology expertise with deep cross-border knowledge to
We support the innovation of client companies.

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Covalent brings accelerated technological evolution and disruptive innovation

In order to support your business growth even as players appear,

Understanding the actual state of overseas advanced technology and leading startups in detail,

Action plan for business growthDeploy services to formulate and execute.


Services provided by Covalent

At Covalent, we link the features of Technology and Cross-border, and support the planning and execution of actions such as the introduction of advanced technology, the development and verification of new products, and partnerships and investments with overseas startups, centered on cutting-edge technology and overseas startup research services. We will provide

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Research Service

It is often used as a reference for analyzing the business model of a venture company or as a basic survey when searching for potential partners.

Our strength is collecting detailed information through our overseas venture network

Detailed research and analysis of overseas venture companies and advanced technologies



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Consulting Service

There are many cases where you want to utilize cutting-edge overseas business and cutting-edge technology

Strengths include overseas venture business experience and business experience using advanced technology

Analyze the success factors of cutting-edge technologies and overseas venture businesses, and plan and promote them by utilizing them to develop new businesses and strengthen existing businesses of large companies.

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System Development Service

There are many cases where you want to develop and verify business concepts quickly

Its strengths are that it covers a wide range of cutting-edge technologies and that it can be developed quickly and at a reasonable price in cooperation with overseas development bases.

Quickly rotate PDCA through POC planning and promotion to MVP development

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Financial Advisory Service

​There are many cases related to technology themes, venture projects, and overseas companies

Strengths include experience in tie-ups and acquisitions involving venture companies, and extensive experience in tie-ups and acquisitions related to technology themes

Plan and promote alliances and acquisitions that connect overseas companies and Japanese companies


Advanced technology research

We search and pursue advanced technologies that lead to the growth of our customers' businesses. We organize the information necessary for decision-making based on customer needs.

Overseas ventureresearch

We will analyze the strengths of overseas startup strategies, technologies, and business models that will serve as a reference for your business growth, and organize future actions.

Overseas market research

For customers who are considering entering overseas markets, we help them understand market trends in detail and organize the information they need to make decisions about whether to proceed with entry.

Innovation creation support

Based on the direction of the customer's business, we will identify the work to realize it and support it to move forward.

​ Advanced technology introduction support

We select cutting-edge technology that meets the needs of the customer's business, and follow up until MVP development and on-site introduction are achieved.

SBOM/OSS Utilization Development Support Consulting Service

In recent years, we will prepare the optimal means, including the use of SBOM, to build a management system that allows the safe and secure use of OSS, which has become essential in software development.

​Investment/acquisition/partnership support

We will continue to support you until your requests are realized, such as cross-border and advanced technology-related, in which our company excels.




We provide a variety of clients, from listed companies to small and medium-sized enterprises, with "real consulting" based on our experience in business operation at domestic and overseas startups and business support at investees. Our mission is to build a true partnership (covalent bond) with our customers, to tackle difficult issues together, and to provide technology and cross-border know-how and tools.


We design service contents according to various usage scenes,
We will help you solve your customer's problems. Please feel free to contact us.

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